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Experienced storytellers to create meaningful and compelling content

Round Table agency team, are experienced storytellers from Metro Detroit, Michigan. As a team, we are open, collaborative, and ready to use our collective experience. Our designs and technical expertise, plus the tools we have, they giving us the ability to create meaningful and compelling content for all mediums. We embrace new challenges, with passion to solve problems as a team.

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who we are


Sarah and The Jet use their creative synergy to tell captivating stories for people and brands. Together, they form a creative alliance working out of Metro Detroit and Athens Greece.

Sarah lives in Ferndale, Michigan 12:34

As a copywriter from Metro Detroit, I'm passionate about how storytelling has the power to bring people together. Over the years, I've built a multifaceted toolbox to express myself. I'm continually learning new things and meeting interesting people.
Dimitri and I founded The Round Table Agency in 2017. We use our creative synergy to help brands tell their stories through traditional and digital media. Our founding principles are in empowering people to do their best work. Launching something new can be scary, but we've streamlined our process to keep your project exciting and straightforward.
We've designed logos, written and developed websites, created social media posts and videos. Whatever you need to make your launch amazing. It's fun. Starting a new business is exciting, and we get to help you decide what it's going to look like and say.
People are starting side hustles, restaurants, start-ups, organizations, and businesses more than ever before. It's exciting to be part of the energy. Every time we have a customer that says, 'this is the coolest thing I've ever seen!' It's everything.

Dimitri lives in Piraeus, Attica 12:34

I am always busy with tons of lines of code, databases, and demands from clients, and I’m thrilled that I get to do it every day. Also, I’m excellent at organizing teams, pushing them out from the limits, being always early from the delivery time. I have large clients in my portfolio, like Mozilla, Apple, NASA, and 'small' clients like mini shops and individuals.
Meeting Sarah, it was a 'miracle' for me, because I discovered a different part of my self, the design world! It’s like a puzzle where I have to compose pieces from typography, content, music, code, etc... New frontiers on thinking. No matter what your education is, your lifestyle, or your career. I’m happy with the Round Table because I can imagine, believe, and create.
Μy education is in ‘Electronics,’ and I graduated from the University of Piraeus. I have years of seminars with Sony, Apple, and other companies. I’m a Java/Javascript, C, and C++ expert. I've been involved in many prototypes. Also, I have a guru level of education in Adobe ColdFusion, and actually, I know every Macromedia/Adobe program from the beta versions.
I love typography, posters, and logos. Extreme fun of Op Art and Minimalism.

our clients

From large companies to startups, we’ve collaborated on the development of various web services, digital applications, branding, advertisements, and printed materials.

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